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Steak & Foie Gras Donburi - $28
Marbled cut beef steak paired with creamy foie-gras and drizzled with our own homemade Babette sauce.
Pork & Bacon Hamburg Donburi - $16
Succulent pork hamburg wrapped in bacon and topped with ajitsuke egg
Duck Confit Donburi - $28
Crispy duck leg confit pan-seared to perfection and served with homemade pickles and drizzled with our special sauce
Babette Chirashi Donburi - $19
Marinated assortment of fresh sashimi, tamago, and tobiko served on warm rice
Salmon & Soba - $17
Confit salmon served on a bed of soba noodles with tamagoyaki
Sashimi Salad - $17
Marinated assortment of fresh tuna, scallops, salmon, tamago, and tobiko served on a bed of healthy garden greens topped with our homemade Babette dressing
Crackling Pork Belly - $10
48-hour slow-cooked pork belly roasted to a crackling crisp and served with whole grain mustard sauce
Weihenstephan, Asahi, and Kronenbourg Blanc
Pints, jugs, and towers